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Kaitai Struct runtime library for Java · Kaitai Struct is a declarative language used for describe various binary data structures using .ksy format. .ksy format can be compiled into the parser source code in target language. This library is a small collection of runtime methods used by the code generated by Kaitai Struct for Java.

Jul 17, 2022
9 usages
24 stars

kaitai-struct-compiler · kaitai-struct-compiler

Jan 25, 2020
301 stars

kaitai-struct-compiler · kaitai-struct-compiler

Jul 17, 2022
301 stars

kaitai-struct-compiler-js · kaitai-struct-compiler-js

Jul 17, 2022
301 stars


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Feb 13, 2021
95k usages
8.2k stars
Mar 06, 2023
69k usages
13k stars
Mar 17, 2023
51k usages
1.8k stars
Feb 28, 2022
27k usages
43k stars
Mar 23, 2023
25k usages
2.3k stars

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