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jfire-baseutil · jfire-baseutil is common jar dependency of jfire J2EE package

Feb 24, 2016
8 usages

testsupport · Testsupport is test of jfire system support framework

Dec 01, 2015
4 usages
jfire-core 1.0.3

jfire-core · Jfire - core is a IOC and AOP container. Provides a transparent object management. And provide a simple and efficient AOP API operation. At the same time also supports transparent transaction management.

Feb 24, 2016
4 usages
codejson 1.1.1

codejson · Codejson is one of the best framework for json. The best is the fastest and customization capabilities. Can use the same object output according to the different strategies of different content. 45% speed over Jackson2 serialization

Feb 04, 2016
3 usages

jfire-socket · Jfire - socket is a server-side framework based on AIO. Users only need a simple implementation of a business logic processing interface can be the business data processing. The framework provides the client and server at the same time. Have strong connection capacity. Single server provides tens of thousands of connections.

Dec 01, 2015
1 usages
fose 1.0

fose · jfire-baseutil is common jar dependency of jfire J2EE package

Dec 01, 2015
1 usages
dbunit 1.0

dbunit · Dbunit is a test database supporting framework. Data can be stored in memory, and in the test after the restore database to achieve the purpose of protection of the scene. Support the database is exported as a spreadsheet, also support the spreadsheet data into database. Convenient the import of test data.

Dec 01, 2015
1 usages
simplerpc 1.0

simplerpc · Simplerpc distributed RPC framework is a very simple. Based on the AIO and fose framework underlying services provided by the end of the connection and fast serialization ability. Can provide a very strong ability of RPC calls. In a powerful at the same time, also supports encryption mode calls. Using the RSA and AES encryption communication process, suitable for public use. In addition, the framework has a very simple API. Only need to activate the RPC server 4 lines of code.

Dec 01, 2015
job 1.0.1

job · The job is a very lightweight framework. The default support cycle task, timing task, automatic cycle extended task. And it can automatically by the code in the task of decision tasks to continue or not. Users only need to implement a job interfaces

Dec 07, 2015
jfire-sql 1.0.4

jfire-sql · Jfire - SQL is a very powerful SQL framework. By method interface binding with the SQL statement to decouple SQL statements and procedures. At the same time provides a very friendly placeholder to enhance the readability of the code. And support for dynamic SQL feature, automatic paging characteristics, dynamic table name field names, and other functions.

Feb 04, 2016
jfire-mvc 1.0.3

jfire-mvc · Jfire - MVC MVC framework is a fast and efficient. Support the rest style urls. Transparent simple file upload, data binding function to access web parameters become very easy. Supports multiple views at the same time. Includes regular HTML, json, templates, etc

Feb 04, 2016

jfire-mail · Jfire E-mail is a fast simple email the SDK

Dec 01, 2015


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