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saxon-he 10.5

Saxon HE (OSGi Bundle) · An OSGi bundle for Saxon-HE

Mar 11, 2022
69 usages
1 stars
com.xmlcalabash 1.1.20-p11-98

XML Calabash · An XProc 1.0 processor

Oct 04, 2022
38 usages
93 stars
jing 20151127.0.1

Jing · Jing - tool for validating RelaxNG - (OSGi-compatible version)

Aug 20, 2020
24 usages
1 stars
jstyleparser 1.20-p19

jStyleParser · jStyleParser is a CSS parser written in Java. It has its own application interface that is designed to allow an efficient CSS processing in Java and mapping the values to the Java data types. It parses CSS 2.1 style sheets into structures that can be efficiently assigned to DOM elements. It is intended be the primary CSS parser for the CSSBox library. While handling errors, it is user agent conforming according to the CSS specification.

Mar 12, 2022
12 usages

Braille Utils · Braille Utils is a cross platform utility package for embossing and converting PEF-files.

Mar 27, 2013
7 usages
io.bit3.jsass 5.10.4-p1

org.daisy.libs:io.bit3.jsass · SASS compiler using libsass.

May 18, 2021
6 usages
92 stars
hyphen 2.8.8

libhyphen-nar · libhyphen packaged in a NAR (Native ARchive).

Jun 01, 2016
5 usages
xml2 2.7.3

libxml2-nar · libxml2 packaged in a NAR (Native ARchive).

Nov 07, 2013
4 usages
1 stars

Braille Utils Catalog · Braille Utils is a cross platform utility package for embossing and converting PEF-files.

Mar 27, 2013
4 usages
jnaerator 0.11-p1

JNAerator (OSGi Bundle) · OSGi bundle for JNAerator

Oct 04, 2019
3 usages
dotify-translator 1.0-alpha1

DotifyTranslator · Dotify Braille Translation System is an open source Braille translator written in Java. DotifyTranslator contains the braille translator and hyphenation components that are used in Dotify.

Dec 10, 2013
3 usages
pegdown 1.0.0

Pegdown · A pure-Java Markdown processor based on a parboiled PEG parser supporting a number of extensions

Sep 17, 2016
2 usages
servlet-api 2.5.0

JavaServlet(TM) Specification (OSGi Bundle) · An OSGi bundle for the JavaServlet(TM) Specification API

Jun 20, 2012
2 usages

Apache Commons HTTP Client (OSGi bundle) · An OSGi bundle for commons-httpclient ${project.version}

Jun 20, 2012
2 usages
1 stars
jsslutils 1.0.7

jSSLutils · This is a set of SSL-related utilities for Java.

Aug 14, 2012
2 usages

LogBack OSGi log adapter · LogListener which binds to slf4j

Jul 29, 2016
1 usages
parboiled 1.0.0

Parboiled · parboiled is a mixed Java/Scala library providing for lightweight and easy-to-use, yet powerful and elegant parsing of arbitrary input text based on Parsing expression grammars (PEGs). This bundle wraps two different libraries, parboiled-core and parboiled-java, as they offer classes in the same package path

Sep 17, 2016
1 usages


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