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WinDPAPI4J: A Windows DPAPI Wrapper for Java · WinDPAPI4J is a Java Native Access(JNA)- based wrapper for Microsoft Windows Data Protection API (DPAPI) CryptProtectData and CryptUnprotectData methods.

Mar 12, 2016
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dyna4jdbc 3.1.1

dyna4JDBC · dyna4JDBC is a JDBC driver, that allows running alternative JVM language scripts (Groovy, JavaScript, Scala, Jython, Clojure, BeanShell, R (Renjin), JRuby etc.) or external console-oriented programs via the JDBC API. Mainly targeted at allowing JDBC-enabled business intelligence applications to run various scripts instead of SQL easily, dyna4JDBC captures and parses the output of scripts/external programs and presents that as a standard JDBC Result Set, allowing the output to be processed further for various purposes like building complex reports quickly and analysis with other tools.

Sep 17, 2017
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relay-jdbc 3.0.0

relay-jdbc · relay-jdbc allows a JDBC connection to be relayed through an intermediate relay server: it is both a JDBC driver (client) and a JDBC relay server. It is a fork of project, where Aleksei Yu. Semenov has implemented a number of brilliant improvements of the orignal VJDBC project hosted on Original Developers were: Hunter Payne ([email protected]) and Michael Link ([email protected]). For all pre-existing code, credits go to the original respective author. This product brings the original VJDBC concept further and (apart from code quality improvements and bug fixes) implements complete separation of the underlying transport mechanism, introducing support for connecting directly through a SSH pipe, where the relay server interacts with the client through standard I/O pipes. The re-designed transport architecture supports easy development of new transport implementations, allowing this JDBC relay to be quickly adapted to a variety of exotic environments.

Oct 26, 2019
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