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javax.inject · The javax.inject API

Aug 09, 2019
14 usages

Aug 09, 2019
9 usages


Aug 09, 2019
7 usages


Aug 09, 2019
6 usages

javax.transaction API · Eclipse Project for JTA

Aug 09, 2019
5 usages
15 stars

UADetector :: Core · The UADetector core library includes the API and implementation to read the detection information and the functions to identify User-Agents, but not the database (also known as UAS data). The UAS data can be found in the resources module.

Aug 09, 2019
4 usages

UADetector :: Resources · This package contains a verified version of the data file from During the verification process the data are checked for ability to run against the current implementation. The goal is to provide frequently updated resources for detection of user agents without having to release a new implementation.

Aug 09, 2019
3 usages

JSON in Java · JSON is a light-weight, language independent, data interchange format. See The files in this package implement JSON encoders/decoders in Java. It also includes the capability to convert between JSON and XML, HTTP headers, Cookies, and CDL. This is a reference implementation. There is a large number of JSON packages in Java. Perhaps someday the Java community will standardize on one. Until then, choose carefully. The license includes this restriction: "The software shall be used for good, not evil." If your conscience cannot live with that, then choose a different package.

Aug 09, 2019
2 usages

UA Detector Parent · User Agent Detection Parent

Aug 09, 2019
1 usages

Third Party Modules · The root module packager for the finalized or modules with no intention of moving to JPMS

Aug 09, 2019


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