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jcaptcha 1.0

JCaptcha · <b>JCAPTCHA</b>, for <b>J</b>ava <b>C</b>ompletely <b>A</b>utomated <b>P</b>ublic <b>T</b>est to tell <b>C</b>omputers and <b>H</b>umans <b>A</b>part <br/>The open source java framework for captcha definition and integration <br/> A captcha is a simple captcha container that contains a question, a challenge, and a response validation routine.<BR/> A captcha can only be built by a captcha factory that provides methods to build localized captchas.<br/> This jar aims to provide interfaces and implementation of generic and typed captcha and captcha factories.<BR/> It uses the word generator, types sub packages (image and sound) components (word to image, word to sound) to build typed captchas captchas.

Nov 27, 2012
32 usages
jcaptcha-all 1.0-RC6

JCAPTCHA · JCAPTCHA, for Java Completely Automated Public Test to tell Computers and Humans Apart

May 29, 2007
9 usages


Nov 27, 2012
8 usages

Common test

Nov 27, 2012
6 usages

Extension Sound FreeTTS

Nov 27, 2012
2 usages

Extension Buffered Engine

Nov 27, 2012
2 usages

Integration Struts

Nov 27, 2012
1 usages

Integration Roller

Nov 27, 2012

Integration Filter

Nov 27, 2012


Nov 27, 2012

JCaptcha Home

Nov 27, 2012

Extension EHCache Store

Nov 27, 2012

JCaptcha 1.0 compatibility with JDK3

Nov 27, 2012

Site Skin · A maven sites skin for JCaptcha.

Nov 27, 2012

Extension JBossCache Store

Nov 27, 2012

Integration Acegi

Nov 27, 2012


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