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TagMyCode Java SDK · Java SDK for TagMyCode REST API

Jul 26, 2020
2 usages
1 stars

TagMyCode IDE Plugin Framework for Java · A framework to develop Java IDE plugins for TagMyCode

Sep 01, 2020
1 usages
1 stars

TagMyCode · Provides the support for <a href="">TagMyCode</a>. This plugin allows you to manage your own snippets.<br/> <br/> Features:<br/> * Add snippets: you can save your code snippets including description, language, and tags<br/> * List snippets (CRUD): snippets are stored locally and you can filter, sort, create, modify, edit or delete them directly from the IDE<br/> * Quick search: you can search your snippets and insert them directly into the document<br/> <br/> CHANGELOG:<br/> <br/> 2.3.0 (released 2020-07-26)<br/> * published plugin into Apache NetBeans Plugin Portal<br/> * filter snippets by languages<br/> <br/> 2.2.1 (released 2018-01-10)<br/> * Quick Search dialog is now resizable</br> * fixed syntax highlight for PHP and HTML</br> * if refresh token is not valid user will be automatically logged out</br> </br> 2.2.0 (released 2017-11-06)<br/> * snippets management works in offline mode<br/> * autodetect language on new snippet<br/> * added settings dialog with editor theme and font size option<br/> * added title and description to snippet view<br/> * changed open browser class<br/> * text can be dragged into table to create a new snippet<br/> * snippets can be dragged directly into editor and the code are copied<br/> * added "save as file" feature<br/> * added "clone snippet" feature<br/> * added "snippet properties" dialog<br/> * detect binary file<br/> <br/> 2.1.0 (released 2017-04-24)<br/> * moved error messages from dialog to Netbeans Notification Log<br/> * added welcome panel<br/> * about dialog shows plugin version and framework version<br/> * moved storage from JSON to SQL<br/> <br/> 2.0 (released 2016-07-11)<br/> * new user interface<br/> * list of snippets stored locally<br/> * syntax highlight powered by <a href="">RSyntaxTextArea</a><br/> * snippets are synchronized with server<br/> * filter snippets<br/> * quick search feature<br/> * insert selected snippet at cursor in document<br/> <br/> 1.1.3 (released 2015-12-18)<br/> * Fix for NetBeans 8.1<br/> <br/> 1.1.2 (released 2014-10-03)<br/> * Switched authentication from OAuth 1.0a to OAuth 2<br/> * Console write also snippet title when new snippet is created (thanks to bejoy)<br/> <br/> 1.1 (released 2014-08-19)<br/> * Added "Search snippets" feature<br/> * Fixed some minor bugs<br/> <br/> 1.0 (released 2014-04-14)<br/> * First release with feature "Create snippet"<br/>

Sep 06, 2020
2 stars

TagMyCode Java SDK parent · Java SDK for TagMyCode REST API

Sep 07, 2014
1 stars

TagMyCode IDE Plugin Framework for Java · Java SDK for TagMyCode REST API

Sep 07, 2014
1 stars


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