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YashoidListAdapter · Helper library for setting up list adapters.

Jan 21, 2017
0 stars

SqliteImprovedOpenHelper · An improvement on SqliteOpenHelper native class that allows setting up a default database from assets.

Oct 15, 2016
0 stars
network 1.2.1

Network · Network library with the ability to induce dependency on the request queues. Plus operations are seperated from requests, you can do multiple requests and time consuming codes in a single operation.

Mar 07, 2017
2 stars
jsonparsable 1.0.4

JsonParsable · Parset library for JSONObjects and JsonReader with high flexibility and support for context.

Nov 14, 2016
1 stars
sliderlayout 1.0.3

SliderLayout · SliderLayout is a component similar to Android's DrawerLayout with much more flexibility.

Feb 14, 2018
1 stars
instacropper 1.0.6

InstaCropper · A View for cropping images that is similar to Instagram's crop which allows a range of spect ratios. Also an Activity for cropping is included.

May 20, 2017
378 stars
office 1.0.1

Office · Office is a powerful threading tool that can have multiple thread groups in the back and allows for defining dependencies for running tasks.

Sep 10, 2017
1 stars

InputFormatter · InputFormatter is a tool for formatting editable inputs.

Jul 21, 2018
0 stars
wordcloud 1.1.0

WordCloud · WordCloud stacks pieces of text in a way that they occupy minimum space while not colliding with eachother.

Mar 14, 2018
3 stars


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