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Jackrabbit Object Content Mapping 2.x · This Jackrabbit subproject is an object/JCR persistence and query service. This tools lets you to persist java objects into a JCR compliant repository - including association, inheritance, polymorphism, composition, and the Java collections framework. Furthermore, this jcr-mapping allows you to express queries in Java-based Criteria, as well as in JCR query language. It offers also features like version support and object locking.

Jul 06, 2012
3 usages

Apache JAR Resource Bundle · An archive which contains templates for generating the necessary license files and notices for all Apache releases.

Mar 20, 2008
1 usages
apache 29

The Apache Software Foundation · The Apache Software Foundation provides support for the Apache community of open-source software projects. The Apache projects are characterized by a collaborative, consensus based development process, an open and pragmatic software license, and a desire to create high quality software that leads the way in its field. We consider ourselves not simply a group of projects sharing a server, but rather a community of developers and users.

Dec 11, 2022
18 stars
sqoop sqoop

Sqoop · Apache Sqoop

Feb 01, 2018
tika 0.2

Apache Tika · Tika is a toolkit for detecting and extracting metadata and structured text content from various documents using existing parser libraries.

Apache Resource Bundles

Mar 08, 2007
jdo 3.2.1


May 25, 2022

XBean :: Maven Plugin

Jun 23, 2007

Apache License Header Resource Bundle · An archive which contains the notice file template.

Mar 08, 2007

Apache Incubator Disclaimer Resource Bundle · An archive which contains the standard Apache Incubator disclaimer.

Mar 08, 2007


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