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sis-core 0.3

Apache SIS

Oct 09, 2015
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storage 1.3

Apache SIS storage · Group of modules for reading and writing data from/to various storages. Storages are typically file formats or a database schemas.

Dec 17, 2022
profiles 1.3

Apache SIS profiles · Group of modules for extensions specific to some organizations or countries.

Dec 17, 2022
parent 1.3

Apache SIS · Apache Spatial Information System (SIS) is a free software, Java language library for developing geospatial applications. SIS provides data structures for geographic features and associated metadata along with methods to manipulate those data structures. The library is an implementation of GeoAPI 3.0.1 interfaces and can be used for desktop or server applications. The SIS metadata module forms the base of the library and enables the creation of metadata objects which comply with the ISO 19115 international standard. The SIS referencing module enable the construction of geodetic data structures for geospatial referencing as defined by ISO 19111 standard, along with the associated operations which enable the transformation of coordinates between different reference systems. The SIS storage modules provide a common approach to the reading and writing of metadata, features and coverages applicable to simple imagery as to many dimensional data structures.

Dec 17, 2022
core 1.3

Apache SIS core modules · Group of modules providing the core of Apache SIS services: metadata, referencing, geometry, feature, coverage, rendering.

Dec 17, 2022

Apache SIS applications · Group of modules providing applications built on top of Apache SIS.

Dec 17, 2022

Apache SIS

Oct 09, 2015

Apache SIS

Oct 09, 2015
non-free 1.3

Non-free resources for Apache SIS · The "non-free" modules contain data that may be used, copied and distributed subject to conditions more restrictive than the usual open source licenses. Those data are not included in Apache releases, but are nevertheless deployed on Maven Central for convenience only. Users who want those data need to declare a Maven dependency explicitely. Licenses are declared in their respective sub-module.

Dec 17, 2022
cloud 1.3

Apache SIS cloud · Group of modules for reading and writing data from/to the cloud. This module provides virtual file systems that `sis-storage` modules can use.

Dec 17, 2022


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