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Eclipse Collections Main Library

Jul 05, 2022
338 usages
1.8k stars

Eclipse Collections API

Jul 05, 2022
288 usages
1.8k stars

Eclipse Collections Test Utilities

Jul 05, 2022
29 usages
1.8k stars

Eclipse Collections Fork Join Utilities

Jul 05, 2022
6 usages
1.8k stars

Eclipse Collections Test Trait JUnit Runner

Feb 05, 2016

Eclipse Collections Parent Project · Eclipse Collections is a collections framework for Java. It has JDK-compatible List, Set and Map implementations with a rich API and set of utility classes that work with any JDK compatible Collections, Arrays, Maps or Strings. The iteration protocol was inspired by the Smalltalk collection framework.

Jul 05, 2022
1.8k stars
p2-repository 9.0.0.M2

Eclipse Collections p2 Repository Build

Aug 19, 2017


Top Dependency Usages

Feb 13, 2021
95k usages
8.2k stars
Sep 19, 2022
69k usages
13k stars
Sep 28, 2022
51k usages
1.8k stars
Feb 28, 2022
27k usages
43k stars
Oct 02, 2022
25k usages
2.3k stars

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