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smoke-test-shaded 2.0.0-beta1

QA: Smoke Test Shaded Jar · Runs a simple

Aug 26, 2015

QA: Smoke Test Plugins · Loads up all of our plugins

Jul 18, 2017

QA: Smoke Test Multi-Node IT · Tests that multi node IT tests work

Jul 18, 2017

QA: Parent POM

Jul 18, 2017
57k stars

QA: Smoke Test Client · Test the Java Client against a running cluster

Jul 18, 2017

QA: Smoke Test Command Line Params · Tests command line params such as -p pidfile work. Currently only tests pid file. Note that we cannot have this as vagrant tests only because windows needs to be checked as well.

Jul 18, 2017

QA: Smoke Test Reindex with Groovy · Test the Reindex with Groovy

Jul 18, 2017


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