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jt-utils 1.6.0

Support and utility classes · Support and utility classes used by other JAITools components and available for general use.

Jul 03, 2020
10 usages

ZonalStats operator · Calculates summary statistics, optionally within zones defined by a zone image, for values in a data image

Jul 03, 2020
3 usages
jt-all 1.4.0

Combined JAITools jar · Provides a single jar containing all JAITools modules which you can use instead of including individual modules in your project. Note: It does not include the Jiffle scripting language or Jiffle image operator.

Aug 26, 2015
3 usages

Jiffle language · Jiffle is a scripting language for creating and analysing raster images.

Oct 09, 2012
3 usages

VectorBinarize operator · Creates a binary image from an input JTS Polygon or MultiPolygon

Jul 03, 2020
2 usages
operator 1.6.0

JAITools - image operators · Image operators compatible with Java Advanced Imaging (JAI)

Jul 03, 2020
jt-vectorize 1.6.0

Vectorize operator · Vectorizes the boundaries of regions with uniform value

Jul 03, 2020

Regionalize operator · Identifies (sufficiently) uniform regions in the source image, allocates each a unique integer ID, and generates an output image with these IDs as pixel values

Jul 03, 2020

RangeLookup operator · A Lookup operation that can handle both integral and continuous data types

Jul 03, 2020

MaskedConvolve operator · Adds selectivity to the JAI convolve operation. An ROI can be used to control which source image pixels are convolved and/or which neighbourhood pixels are included in the convolution.

Jul 03, 2020

KernelStats operator

Jul 03, 2020
jt-demo 1.6.0

Demo programs · Small apps to demonstrate use of JAITools components

Jul 03, 2020
jt-contour 1.6.0

Contour operator · Generates smooth contours at specified intervals

Jul 03, 2020

ClassifiedStats operator · Calculates summary statistics, on top of classification rasters, for values in a data image

Jul 03, 2020

AttributeOpImage · An OpImage class that derives one or more attributes from a source image. Source image pixels are passed through to the destination image unchanged (similar to JAI's StatisticsOpImage).

Jul 03, 2020
jaitools 1.6.0

JAITools · Raster image processing for Java

Jul 03, 2020
17 stars
jt-generate 1.6.0

Generate image operator · An operation to generate images with random or systematic data

Jul 03, 2020
jiffle 0.2.1

Jiffle project · Jiffle is a scripting language for creating and analysing raster images.

Oct 09, 2012
jt-jiffleop 0.2.1

Jiffle image operator · Runs a Jiffle script as an image operator with deferred execution.

Oct 09, 2012

Jiffle demo programs · A collection of program which demonstrate using the Jiffle language

Oct 09, 2012


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