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jmyspell-core 1.0-jitsi-1

Nov 01, 2020
4 usages
jmyspell-swing 1.0-jitsi-1

Nov 01, 2020
3 usages
jain-sip-ri-ossonly 1.2.279-jitsi-oss1

jain-sip-ri-ossonly · Package of JAIN SIP and SDP that contains only OSS code (i.e. not javax.sip/java.sdp).

Apr 12, 2016
3 usages
ice4j 3.0-61-g76e8a19

ice4j · A Java implementation of the ICE protocol

Oct 21, 2022
2 usages
dnssecjava 2.0.0

dnssecjava · A DNSSEC validating stub resolver for Java.

Feb 20, 2020
2 usages
fmj 1.0.2-jitsi

fmj · Freedom for Media in Java

Jul 04, 2021
1 usages
jitsi-utils 1.0-124-ge57838f

jitsi-utils · A set of basic utilities used in Jitsi projects

Sep 10, 2022
1 usages
15 stars
jicoco-test-kotlin 1.1-119-gc527d61

jicoco-test-kotlin · Jitsi Common Components (Kotlin Test Utilities)

Sep 28, 2022
1 usages
jmyspell 1.0-jitsi-1

jmyspell parent · JMySpell is a 100% pure-Java implementation of the MySpell spell checker, licensed under the LGPL. This allows us to use the old dictionaries from in Java applications, whether they're J2SE applications or J2EE web applications. Since at the moment there is only one 100% Java Open-Source spell checker (Jazzy), and the inclusion of dictionaries is difficult, the objective of this project is to fill this gap.

Nov 01, 2020
zrtp4j-light 4.1.3

zrtp4j light · ZRTP for Java library, Jitsi fork without embedded ciphers

May 15, 2022
jitsi-srtp 1.1-11-g88a9c38

Jitsi Secure RTP implementation · Jitsi SRTP contains classes for encrypting and decrypting SRTP and SRTCP packets

Nov 01, 2022
14 stars
irc-api 1.0-0015-jitsi-1

IRC API · Open source Java IRC API

Nov 21, 2020
0 stars
growl4j 1.0.0

growl4j · Java bindings for Growl

May 03, 2020

jitsi-universe-public · Main POM declaring build instructions and common dependencies of all Jitsi projects published on Maven Central.

Apr 04, 2016
2 stars
org.otr4j 0.23

otr4j library · otr4j is an implementation of the OTR (Off The Record) protocol in java. Off-the-Record Messaging, is a cryptographic protocol that uses a combination of the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), the Diffie-Hellman key exchange, and the SHA hash functions. In addition to authentication and encryption, OTR provides perfect forward secrecy and malleable encryption. The OTR protocol was designed by Ian Goldberg and the OTR Development Team.

Aug 08, 2020
jitsi-metaconfig 1.0-10-gca8647e

jitsi-metaconfig · jitsi-metaconfig helps solve the problems around the evolution of configuration properties

May 26, 2022
3 stars
jitsi-lgpl-dependencies 1.2-23-g7b49874

jitsi-lgpl-dependencies · This is a submodule of libjitsi that encapsulates references to external LGPL licensed libraries.

Jun 19, 2022
5 stars
bccontrib 1.0

bccontrib · Skein/Threefish/Fortuna implementations for ZRTP4J used by Jitsi

Sep 14, 2015
jsocks 1.0.1-jitsi-1

jsocks · SOCKS Server and Library for Java. Support for versions 4 and 5 of SOCKS protocol. Designed to be easily expandable to support different encryption/authentication/authorization methods. Sample server and client are available.

Nov 02, 2020
jicoco-parent 1.1-119-gc527d61

jicoco-parent · Jitsi Common Components (Module Parent)

Sep 28, 2022
jmork 1.0.6

Java Mork · A Java implementation of the Mork database format

Dec 23, 2016
jmyspell-jedit-plugin 1.0-jitsi-1

Nov 01, 2020
jnsapi 0.0.3-jitsi-smack4.4-2

jnsapi · Jingle Nodes API

Nov 13, 2021
jmyspell-examples 1.0-jitsi-1

Nov 01, 2020


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