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EID Runtime Exceptions and Utilities · This small library holds a set of Exceptions that implements idea of fast, reusable, error codes that can be simple thrown fast in case of unpredictable and unrecoverable application failure.

Dec 30, 2018
12 usages
11 stars

JMH Utils for JUnit · This micro library with useful JUnit rules.

Jul 05, 2019
1 usages
2 stars

HTTP/S Java Checker · It can check is your Java installation can perform connection with given HTTPS address

Jul 11, 2015
0 stars

A Java SDK for WFirma API2 · A Java SDK for WFirma API2

Nov 25, 2015
0 stars

Exception ID (EID) Generator · <p>Generates a unique Exception ID, that can be used in Java source code.</p> <p>In order to use this plugin type <code>Ctrl+Space</code> inside empty String literal. This will generate new unique identifier as a <i>Code Completion</i>. That generated EID can be used, for example, to identify your exceptions.</p> <p> Example usage (This is technical runtime exception, a posible bug. This plugin can be used to quickly fill unique bug id.):<br /> <code>try {<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;shuldWorkIfNoBugsExists();<br /> } catch (IOException ex) {<br /> &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;throw new EidRuntimeException("20140218:161429", "Something wrong with HDD, permissions?", ex);<br /> }</code> </p>

Dec 01, 2015
0 stars
gasper 1.0.0

Gasper · Very simple integration testing JUnit harness for 'java -jar' servers like WildFly Swarm and Spring Boot

Mar 07, 2016
1 stars

Glassfish Console - Maven Plugin · A Maven 3 plugin to automate Glassfish administrative tasks like managing a auth-realm, resources and pools as well as deploind and starting the server

May 14, 2014
1 stars

Hiera Preferences Backend · Java Preferences API backend for Puppetlabs Hiera

Jan 25, 2014
2 stars


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