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HttpClient · The HttpClient component supports the client-side of RFC 1945 (HTTP/1.0) and RFC 2616 (HTTP/1.1) , several related specifications (RFC 2109 (Cookies) , RFC 2617 (HTTP Authentication) , etc.), and provides a framework by which new request types (methods) or HTTP extensions can be created easily.

Aug 21, 2007
2.2k usages
asm 9.3

asm · ASM, a very small and fast Java bytecode manipulation framework

Apr 04, 2022
2.2k usages
httpmime 4.5.13

Apache HttpClient Mime · Apache HttpComponents HttpClient - MIME coded entities

Oct 03, 2020
2.2k usages
awaitility 4.2.0

Awaitility · A Java DSL for synchronizing asynchronous operations

Mar 04, 2022
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2.7k stars
groovy 3.0.13

Apache Groovy · Groovy: A powerful, dynamic language for the JVM

Sep 18, 2022
2.1k usages
4.3k stars

Jackson-JAXRS: JSON · Functionality to handle JSON input/output for JAX-RS implementations (like Jersey and RESTeasy) using standard Jackson data binding.

Sep 03, 2022
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101 stars
mail 1.4.7

JavaMail API (compat)

Mar 09, 2013
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jsoup 1.15.3

jsoup Java HTML Parser · jsoup is a Java library for working with real-world HTML. It provides a very convenient API for fetching URLs and extracting and manipulating data, using the best of HTML5 DOM methods and CSS selectors. jsoup implements the WHATWG HTML5 specification, and parses HTML to the same DOM as modern browsers do.

Aug 24, 2022
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9.2k stars
ant 1.10.12

Apache Ant Core

Oct 13, 2021
2.1k usages
poi-ooxml 5.2.3

Apache POI - API based on OPC and OOXML schemas · Apache POI - Java API To Access Microsoft Format Files

Sep 09, 2022
2.1k usages
caffeine 3.1.1

Caffeine cache · A high performance caching library

May 26, 2022
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11k stars
slf4j-jdk14 2.0.2

SLF4J JDK14 Binding · SLF4J JDK14 Binding

Sep 20, 2022
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1.8k stars

JUnit Platform Launcher · Module "junit-platform-launcher" of JUnit 5.

Sep 20, 2022
2k usages
4.9k stars
jboss-logging 3.5.0.Final

JBoss Logging 3 · The JBoss Logging Framework

Apr 28, 2022
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25 stars
dom4j 1.1

Sep 20, 2005
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Apr 04, 2022
2k usages
6.9k stars

spring-boot-starter-aop · Starter for aspect-oriented programming with Spring AOP and AspectJ

Sep 22, 2022
1.9k usages
59k stars
hibernate-validator 6.2.5.Final

Hibernate Validator Engine · Hibernate's Jakarta Bean Validation reference implementation.

Sep 12, 2022
1.9k usages
932 stars
poi 5.2.3

Apache POI - Common · Apache POI - Java API To Access Microsoft Format Files

Sep 09, 2022
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Jackson · Jackson is a high-performance JSON processor (parser, generator)

Nov 06, 2012
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Apache Derby Database Engine and Embedded JDBC Driver · Contains the core Apache Derby database engine, which also includes the embedded JDBC driver.

Jun 14, 2022
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Bouncy Castle PKIX, CMS, EAC, TSP, PKCS, OCSP, CMP, and CRMF APIs · The Bouncy Castle Java APIs for CMS, PKCS, EAC, TSP, CMP, CRMF, OCSP, and certificate generation. This jar contains APIs for JDK 1.5 and up. The APIs can be used in conjunction with a JCE/JCA provider such as the one provided with the Bouncy Castle Cryptography APIs.

Dec 01, 2021
1.9k usages
1k stars
cglib 3.3.0

Aug 12, 2019
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4.2k stars
xercesImpl 2.12.2

Xerces2-j · Xerces2 provides high performance, fully compliant XML parsers in the Apache Xerces family. This new version of Xerces continues to build upon the Xerces Native Interface (XNI), a complete framework for building parser components and configurations that is extremely modular and easy to program. The Apache Xerces2 parser is the reference implementation of XNI but other parser components, configurations, and parsers can be written using the Xerces Native Interface. For complete design and implementation documents, refer to the XNI Manual. Xerces2 provides fully conforming XML Schema 1.0 and 1.1 processors. An experimental implementation of the "XML Schema Definition Language (XSD): Component Designators (SCD) Candidate Recommendation (January 2010)" is also provided for evaluation. For more information, refer to the XML Schema page. Xerces2 also provides a complete implementation of the Document Object Model Level 3 Core and Load/Save W3C Recommendations and provides a complete implementation of the XML Inclusions (XInclude) W3C Recommendation. It also provides support for OASIS XML Catalogs v1.1. Xerces2 is able to parse documents written according to the XML 1.1 Recommendation, except that it does not yet provide an option to enable normalization checking as described in section 2.13 of this specification. It also handles namespaces according to the XML Namespaces 1.1 Recommendation, and will correctly serialize XML 1.1 documents if the DOM level 3 load/save APIs are in use.

Jan 27, 2022
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